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Affordable custom web design for small business needs. We create clear, compelling websites for small businesses. Our designs help generate leads and establish authority in search engines.
Web Design & Developer

The Key to a Successful Web Design Company

Take charge of your organization’s future by working with Capital of Techs web design company.

Your small business website should be the go to place for visitor information and it is crucial that your business website exhibits the level of professionalism that matches your business.

We’ll work with you to help determine your business goals. Whether you need more website traffic, want to add new products & services to your portfolio or if you are just looking to start a new custom website design. Once ready, we’ll mockup a site design for you to view. Our webmaster experts will help bring your visual expectations a reality.

Web Design & Marketing

Fully Customizable Website

Custom web design with our customer in mind. Each designs is customized for rich user experience from a desktop, mobile or tablet device.

Responsive Design

We provide the best user experience for website visitors. Whether on the go or browsing from their personal laptop or desktop device.

Google Search Engine Crawlability

Our web design experts will provide the necessary tools to get your business website listed in Google’s search engine.

Web Design Support

We want to help your business grow so we’re driven by your success results. We’re going to help you every step of the way.

SSL & Security

Professional web design hosting comes packed with top level security and SSL certificates to ensure your website data is safe and protected.

Secure with HTTPS

Capital of Techs now includes SSL in all custom web design plans. This gives the advantage of gaining customer’s trust.

Secret Weapons for Great Web Design


Websites get rated best for their development and design so our process includes using proper web page builder tools to help accomplish these goals. Several metrics are analyzed to ensure proper website standards are met and to ensure your website gets ranked in Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines. Great web design is a tried and true way to increase your earning potential and ROI.


For your digital marketing needs, we’ll measure the success of our work in several ways. Capital of Techs web design services utilizes industry tools to provide easy-to-read reports that can analyzed. Two of the best utilities out there are Google Search Console and Google Analytics. Both are free and several search engine optimization metrics can be gathered from these tools.

Keyword Ranking

Together, with Google Search Console mentioned earlier, our keyword ranking tools will help determine the number of keywords for which your site ranks for in Google. We’ll then strategize and provide best recommendations on how to transform that data to help improve your domain authority for higher search engine rankings.


  • 99% Uptime Guarantee
  • High Performance
  • SSL Certificate Install
  • SSD Hard Drive
  • Cpanel Software
  • RioRey DDoS Mitigation
  • Gigabit Uplinks on 10Gbit/s Connection

Fully Owned Infrastructure
Capital of Techs owns its own data center hardware and networking equipment. We use the best components in our servers. There is no need for us to over fill any server node since we can always provision more. We use Enterprise Hardware, at minimum, Dual Xeon servers with more then sufficient memory, plenty of cpu power, 2.8Ghz minimum. Furthermore, we also develop our own custom software.

Web Design - Hosting Servers
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