SSD Hard Drives

SSD Hard Drive Tips, Replacement Options & Pricing
SSD Hard Drive

SSD vs Spindle Drive Types

Laptop & Desktop Models

Older laptop and desktop PCs typically contain “spindle” type hard drives. Spindle hard drives are Serial ATA (SATA) connection drives that consist of a rotating disk that spins in order to read/write data to the disk. These hard drive disk sizes can vary between 2.5 inches and 3.5 inches in size. Typically, the 3.5 inch drives can be found in your desktop models, where laptops will always be 2.5 inches.

SSD hard drives can be more compact and will be 2.5 inches in size. These blazing fast storage devices are more commonly found in laptops, tablets and Apple’s laptop products. If you’ve never worked on a laptop or desktop PC with a solid state hard drive, the speed performance makes for running heavy apps and software a breeze.

Hard Drive Replacement Options

If you are looking for faster speeds, SSD drives are the way to go. Although, there are different SSD styles, you can typically check which style is best for your device by consulting with a sales associate before making an in-store purchase. Are you looking to buy online? No worries, get in contact with us below and we’ll help you make the right decision to ensure you get the right one.

In most cases, there are HDD mounting adapters that can be purchased to ensure a new SSD drive can fit inside your desktop PC. The adapter will come with the hardware to fit most base models.


Although solid state drives are faster, HDD (hard disk drive) makers continue to improve storage capacity while keeping costs low. In essence, HDD remains the choice of anyone looking to purchase more storage without the need to spend a lot of money.

These faster type hard drives are common in tablets, Mac products and Windows PCs. Solid state drives are also becoming more popular in the gaming industry.  The speeds in SSDs make a significant difference in reliability, access times and quick boot up times, as noted by GamingScan.

Backup Solutions

Making A Hard Drive Backup

Make sure all content is backed up before replacing your current hard drive. Whether it be a USB external drive backup, cloud storage, or a NAS backup, you’ll want to ensure your documents, photos, music and more are stored in a safe place.

Creating a clone of your hard drive

Creating a clone of your drive is the same process as imaging your hard drive. A cloned drive is an exact replica of your current drive and can be used as a method when you are ready to swap out a hard drive for a new SSD (solid state drive) storage drive, for faster and much better performance.

Windows 10 Backup Solution

Windows 10 comes equipped with handy little feature called Windows File History for backing up personal files built into your operating system.

Essentially, File History takes snapshots for your files, as you go, and stores them on an external USB hard drive connected to your personal device. Over time, File History builds a compiled library of previous versions of your documents to assist with your image recovery.

More information on File History in Windows can be found on Microsoft’s support website.

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